3D Design - Solidworks

Categories: CAD, CNC Machining

We have been designing and developing parts with the use of 3D Design Package Solidworks since 2005.  In this time we have developed numerous Trolleys, Wheels, Gearboxes, Motors, Injection and Rotational Moulding Tools, etc. for our own products.

With our 3D Design capablities we have been able to assist our customers to:

  • Ensure New Products are aesthetically pleasing
  • Ensure Product Assemblies fit together as required
  • Design Cost out of Products
  • Design Manufacturability into Components and Assemblies

And for us, the product gives:

  • Excellent Data Output for our Manufacturing Needs
  • Great integration with our CAM Milling Packages
  • The ability to provide a one-stop shop for Design and Manufacturing Services